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Beauty Research

Message from the director

Ever since its founding in 1962, the Beauty Research Laboratory has closely watched the swiftly changing trends in lifestyle and fashion from a beauty perspective.
In the makeup world we have kept in step with the newest fashions and trends, proposed makeup ideas, and released beauty information through events and publicity.

Lifestyles, living environments, and values are changing profoundly in today’s globalizing world. Yet as this happens, the aspiration for beauty stays the same.

Two of the greatest strengths of Kanebo Cosmetics, effective skincare and counseling carefully designed for individual skin conditions, derive directly from research conducted by the Beauty Research Laboratory.

Today, in an age of advancing digital technology and global connectedness, countries all over the world are intrigued by both the beauty traditions and creative impulses of the modern subcultures of Japan. The Beauty Research Laboratory will continue to use the knowledge it gathers in Japan to propose new ideas for beauty and well-being to customers all over the world.

Ayako Inoue

Ayako Inoue Director
Beauty Research Laboratory

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Beauty Research at Kanebo

The Beauty Research Laboratory was established in 1962 as a facility devoted to the "Science of Beauty". For almost half a century, the Laboratory has been engaged in wide-ranging activities integrating social and human studies, consumer research and fashion to develop beauty care techniques and amass a body of knowledge to help people lead healthy and graceful lives. The Laboratory is now active in consumer research, the development of beauty techniques and products, education and transmission of information. Its goal is to contribute to society and benefit customers through cosmetics.

Makeup Fields

・Consumer Resarch

The Beauty Research Laboratory researches women's attitudes about cosmetics, forecasts trends in fashion, color, and makeup style, and conducts fact-finding surveys on fashion products and comparative surveys with the products of competitors.

・Development of beauty techniques and products

Data and creative support are provided for product development, the creation of new makeup designs and hairstyles, and the production of beauty care information for promotional purposes.

Kanebo Cosmetics holds a collection of 1,074 compacts dating from the second half of the 19th century up to the 1950s.
The Laboratory is now classifying the collection by year and by category, as part of a research project to study the relationship between social changes and changes in makeup styles.
・More about the collection

・Education and information

Kanebo hair and makeup artists are active in a wide range of fields including advertising campaigns, fashion magazines, videos, etc.
Besides running its own makeup school, the Laboratory provides education through training and seminars and presents its research to the public.

Skincare fields


The ideal and the main activity is research based on the relationship between people and the environment. In pursuit of new ideas for skincare tailored to individual needs, we research skin and the environment in connection with the seasons, times, and regions. We also propose lifestyle concepts to bring out the full beauty and health potential of every person.


Our success in beautifying through skincare hinges on our ability to apply correct methods for use and more pleasurable methods for care. Accurate diagnosis of the skin condition and appropriate advice and counseling play important roles in making this possible. We are continuously developing information that can enhance the added value of cosmetics and the pleasant feelings that cosmetics bestow.


Kanebo Cosmetics has been researching and developing skincare techniques in the realization that pleasant sensations are essential to maximize the skincare effects.
To exploit and augment the features and full effects of skincare products in various forms, our researchers have for example compared the effects of products in relation to their textures.
Comparisons of this type have helped us develop products and skincare techniques that feel great and are easy to use.

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