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Responsible Management

Sustainability Committee

This committee seeks to deepen the employee’s understanding of the concept of sustainability and to contribute to the sustainable development of society and our company with sights set on the future.

Promoting environmental strategy

We study and promote environmental strategies in pursuit of enhanced sustainability and the creation of social values.

Internal Control Committees

These committees strive to raise the quality of operations by coordinating four internal control functions all across the company with the aims of ensuring compliance with laws, the reliability of financial reports, the effectiveness and efficiency of business activities, and the protection of assets.

Risk Management

By devising measures in anticipation of every kind of risk imaginable over the whole range of operations, we aim to reduce the frequency and impact of the crises. We also endeavor to reduce, to an absolute minimum, any damage that might occur when a problem strikes.


Our aim is to become a company that wins the support of all of its stakeholders through sincerity, virtue, and integrity. To achieve this, we must take ethical approaches and strictly comply with the law in everything we do.

Information Security

We aim to protect all of our information assets by segmenting them into categories (top secret information (TS), personal information, hardware, software, and data files), establishing in-house rules based on information security policy, and maintaining a control system and in-house educational activities.

Responsible Care

As a handler of chemical substances, we must take autonomous measures for the environment, safety, and health at every stage from product development through to disposal, and disclose the outcomes of the measures we take. Our Responsible Care activities often involve dialogue and communication with society. Dialogue helps us to formulate new policies, objectives, and measures, and to monitor our progress in achieving Responsible Care goals.

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