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President’s Message

Feel Your Beauty

The precious inner radiance of every woman:
the radiance we see as the ultimate in beauty.

“We aspire to be the most responsive partner to our customer by awakening her inherent beauty and helping her feel its radiance”

“Feel Your Beauty” is the message we try to communicate to our customers. “Feel Your Beauty” is the vision we strive for as a business.

Our heart is enriched by the inner radiance we feel in ourselves, and it is nurtured by the personal relationships that bind us with others. At Kanebo Cosmetics, we recognize the importance of this feeling of enrichment in creating a happy society full of smiling faces. This idea is captured in our company mission: “Ahead of beauty waits a world of joy.” All of our activities in business focus on the realization of this ideal.

Kanebo stepped out into cosmetics in the 1930s. In the decades since, our uniquely sensitive, premium-quality products and services have become popular in more than fifty countries and regions throughout the world.

The Kanebo Cosmetics of today maintains its life-long commitment to value-creation as a brand loved and trusted by customers all over Japan and the rest of the world.

Masumi Natsusaka President and CEO
Director of the Customer Response Bureau
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

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