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Cosmetics Science

A cosmetic should do more than create beauty from the outside. An ideal cosmetic brings out the natural beauty and unique inner radiance of every woman. Kanebo Cosmetics strives to make products that awaken inner beauty and bring happiness and fulfillment into people’s lives

In our quest for true beauty, we use the most advanced research and technology to develop products that are effective, safe, and gentle for global customers and for the Earth environment.

As products used on the skin, cosmetics require more than mere functional properties. Our mission is to create products with excellent sensory qualities at every level: superb textures, soothing aromas, and packaging that pleases customers both aesthetically and when in use.

Discoveries and innovations in fundamental research fields such as dermatology, Kansei engineering, psychology, new materials, and ingredients are being applied to products with real value for customers all over the world.

Kao Odawara Research Laboratories

  • Skincare
    When creating a new skincare, our first thought goes to the customer who actually uses the product. Every product is formulated with active ingredients to nurture the skin and keep it in flawless condition. In addition to “functional qualities” such as moisturizing and skin improvement, the product must also please the consumer with “sensory qualities” such as texture, scent and packaging.
  • Makeup
    The three main features of makeup quality are finish(color, texture, coverage), sensation, and function (long-lasting effect, skincare properties, UV protection). With these points in mind, our makeup laboratories create products for various skin conditions and individual preferences.
  • Hair care
    Based on the latest insights in hair properties and damage, our hair research team applies innovative formulation techniques and materials to create new hair care products that fuse advanced function with pleasant sensations.

Kao Odawara Research Laboratories

  • Fragrance
    In pursuit of beauty and well-being, our perfumers research sense of smell from many perspectives and explore new dimensions of fragrance previously unknown. The results are novel, pleasant fragrances that work on sensory and functional levels.
  • Packaging
    We design containers and packages based on human engineering principles to deepen the pleasure of using our products.

Kao Odawara Research Laboratories

The Kanebo Science Heritage

Ever since its debut in the world of cosmetics in 1937, Kanebo Cosmetics has been pursuing new possibilities for cosmetics for the enrichment of human life. Over the past few decades, a fusion of forefront R&D capabilities in basic skin science with unique research domains such as functional fragrances and Kansei engineering has set the path to a new realm of cosmetic science

As a world leader in hyaluronic acid research, Kanebo scientists have discovered a number of ingredients that moisturize the skin from within by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid. On another front, we have developed a technique to boost the skin’s barrier function by strengthening tight junctions. In anti-aging, we have made groundbreaking discoveries to support DNA damage repair, a new field in which we are a worldwide leader.

In the formulation of makeup products, we produce legendary powder products and have played a pioneering role in the development of dual wet/dry foundations and moisture-retaining foundations. Looking back on more than 30 years of high-functional lipsticks, we have developed technologies to create lip colors that not only stay in place, but keep their luster, color, and moisture for hours on end.

We continue to pursue the essence of beauty based on forefront science and technology.

*In July 2014, Kanebo Cosmetics Laboratories were consolidated with the beauty research unit of our mother company Kao Corp.

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