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Omotenashi counseling

When a customer visits a Kanebo Cosmetics counter, she shall expect more than just a product. Following the company's motto “Feel your Beauty”, the Kanebo beauty counsellor is dedicated to helping her discover her natural beauty and individuality through in-depth consultation and personalized advice.

Omotenashi Gallery

  • 1/12 The beauty counsellor waits for her customers with a friendly smile. Her neat, unobtrusive appearance creates a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere.
  • 2/12 The customer is offered a seat.
  • 3/12 The counselor carefully listens to the customer's skin concern. The customer's skin condition, lifestyle, beauty care habits, and special preferences and requests are recorded in the counselling sheet.
  • 4/12 Using Kanebo's exclusive skin measuring device, the counsellor objectively determines the skin moisture, the condition of the pores, the texture, color, and clarity of the skin, and even the strength of the epidermis and dermis.
  • 5/12 The counsellor prepares for test application of a product on the customer's hand. First, she provides a hand-rest for the customer.
  • 6/12 Next, she carefully protects the cuff of the customer's sleeve.
  • 7/12 She gently applies skin lotion to the customer's hand with a cotton pad.
  • 8/12 When showing a product, the counsellor holds the product in her right hand and supports it with her left hand underneath. Masters of the tea ceremony hold their cups in the same way. This shows respect to the customer and gratitude to the people involved in the creation of the product.
  • 9/12 When giving makeup advice, the counsellor confirms each step of application with the customer.
  • 10/12 During purchase: As another gesture of respect, the counsellor returns the customer's member card, change, or credit card on a tray using both hands.
  • 11/12 After purchase: Instead of placing the bag with the purchased merchandise on the sales counter, the counsellor comes out from behind the counter and politely presents it to the customers with both hands. The handles of the bag face the customer, so she can easily take it.
  • 12/12 The counsellor sees off the customer with a radiant smile and polite bow until the customer vanishes from sight.

Worldwide, there are about 7,000 Kanebo beauty counselors, who have been meticulously trained in skincare, facial treatment, makeup technique, and customer service. Over the decades Kanebo Cosmetics has devised a one-of-a-kind beauty counselling program based on Omotenashi, the Japanese spirit of hospitality.

The outstanding technical level of Kanebo trained beauty consultants paired with the time-honored concept of Omotenashi provides for an unforgettable experience that unlocks your hidden beauty, soothes your senses and relaxes the spirit.

Omotenashi is the Japanese way of “hospitality”. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect. To practice Omotenashi, the host pays close attention to detail, smiles sincerely, anticipates the needs of the guest, and sets a happy, relaxed mood. At its most exquisite, Omotenashi offers a guest a once-in-a-life-time experience. The idea resonates with Ichigo-ichie, the tea master's belief that every encounter is single and unique.
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The three elements of Omotenashi

The host

In form, Omotenashi is governed by precise rules describing how the host (beauty counselor) should compose herself in front of the guest (customer) to create an atmosphere as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Neat and simple clothing, natural makeup, a straight composure and a formal bow are important elements that contribute to the first, positive impression and set the whole mood for the counseling experience.

Yet true Omotenashi can never be attained with a manual alone. It is a one-to-one relationship that changes from customer to customer, from moment to moment. Gratitude towards the customer is a key part of Omotenashi counseling. It warms the encounter and, above all, makes the host smile.

The way of performance

In traditional Japanese arts such as the tea ceremony, every movement and gesture is carefully choreographed to achieve economy of movement and a constant show of respect to the guest. The same philosophy is followed in the beauty consultations by Kanebo Cosmetics.

The smooth and respectful motions create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, soothe the mind and enable the host to concentrate fully on the conversation with the customer.

Skills & knowledge

Kanebo beauty counselors do more than merely sell: they provide all-round counseling for individual customers from various perspectives. They carefully check skin types and skin conditions for customers with help from advanced skin-measurement devices developed exclusively by Kanebo Cosmetics. They offer advice for different skin types, daily environments, and lifestyles, selecting the best products for their customers' skin and needs. They give professional, easy-to-follow makeup tips and even offer holistic beauty advice to do with mental and physical health and lifestyle.

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