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Double Moisturizing

Prevent skin dryness with double moisturizing

The importance of moisturizing

Moisture retention in human skin peaks in a person’s twenties and gradually ebbs as the life cycle advances. Replenishment of moisture from external sources becomes more and more important as a person ages.

Protection against dryness helps to preserve a youthful skin. This makes moisture crucial to cosmetics. Moisturizing prevents the vicious cycle from dryness to chapping, sensitive skin, and inflammtion. Moisturizing – providing moisture and preventing it from escaping the skin – is essential to healthy skin.

What is double moisturizing?

Double moisturizing is a skincare routine unique to Japan, just like double cleansing. The two methods together make up the basis of Kanebo Cosmetics’ skincare approach. Double moisturizing preserves the skin’s moisture after double cleansing. The moisture is applied in two stages, first as a moisturizing lotion and second an emulsion or cream.

Why is double moisturizing more effective than single moisturizing? The horny layer of the skin surface forms a barrier in two ways. First, it prevents bacteria from entering the body and inhibits irritation caused by chemical substances and ultraviolet rays. Second, it maintains an ideal moisture level inside the skin by preventing moisture in the body from evaporating.

The horny layer has a natural double-moisturizing mechanism of its own. It works in two ways. First, natural moisturizing factor (NMF) contained in keratin cells absorb water from the atmosphere and draw it into the skin. Second, intercellular lipids in the horny layer provide oil to prevent the moisture from evaporating.

Double moisturizing with a moisturizing lotion followed by emulsion or cream complements the natural moisturizing functions of the horny layer. To work as it should, a moisturizing lotion must have ingredients to mimic the water-soluble moisturizing NMF in the horny cells and gather moisture inside the cells.

Emulsion and creams are rich in oils that function much like the natural intercellular lipids of the skin. These substances wrap around the horny cells to prevent moisture in the horny layer from escaping. Simply put, moisturizing lotion and emulsion/cream condition the skin to a plump youthful tone by supplementing the double moisturizing function of the horny layer.

Double moisturizing is essential for protecting the skin against dryness.

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