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Women today look for products that feel comfortable using, while providing moisture. They want rational skin care in quick easy steps. And they want to choose products that fit into their daily skin care routine.

The most common skin troubles – skin roughness, loss of luster and elasticity – are due to the same cause: lack of moisture.

First launched in Japan in 1992, Frēshel was recently revamped as a skincare brand focusing on moisture enrichment for thirsty skin. Frēshel has also been advancing into other Asian markets, based on the motto “Fresher skin, fresher you”, as one of the company’s global focus brands. Formulated with double collagen, hyaluronic acid and apricot and kiwi essences, Frēshel provides intense moisture that leaves the skin with a supple and firm feeling. For a silky smooth and visibly radiant skin. A diverse lineup of moisturizing, extra moisturizing and brightening provides users with the choice they need to meet their individual skin demands and preferences. Yet the skin care routine is simple and no-nonsense.

A hallmark product of the brand is SKIN FRESHENER. It’s a new first step in skin care. A mist shower before regular skin care, supplies moisture and conditions skin, facilitating the penetration of subsequent skin care items.

Frēshel is available in:
Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam

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