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The texture of a woman’s skin often decides the “impression” her face gives. This is the idea behind Impress, a high-quality skincare and base makeup brand crystallizing the company’s history of over 70 years in cosmetics.

From its debut in 2006, Impress has been offering exceptional skincare in pursuit of exquisite, “high-end” beauty. For Impress, beautiful skin is defined as finely textured, clear, translucent, and firm. These are the very qualities attained by the two unique approaches of Impress – “Normalization of the skin blueprint” and “Normalization of the binding and adhesion of the skin structure.”

Skin beauty can wane when the natural recovery and protection functions of the skin are impaired by processes such as ageing, exposure to UV rays and active oxygen. Disturbances in the skin’s blueprint weaken the binding and adhesion of the cells and tissue.

Impress uses the skincare expertise Kanebo Cosmetics has acquired through research into the normalization of the skin’s blueprint. Rose Myrtle Extract, the hallmark Impress ingredient, was discovered during this research. We became the first company in the world to apply this remarkable ingredient in a breakthrough discovery in anti-aging skincare.

Separate studies on the binding and adhesion of skin layers have led to the selection of other effective Impress ingredients such as JCT Controller, SBG Extract, and Carnitine.

Impress not only enhances skin beauty today, but prepares the skin for years of beauty in the future.

Impress is available in:
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

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