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LUNASOL offers a refined, high-quality selection of makeup and skincare items based on the “Purifying Makeup” approach, a ritual of applying makeup in careful steps. LUNASOL products purify not only the outside, but also the spirit within.

With its refined, fashionable color collections, innovative products, and pleasant textures, LUNASOL has captured a strong following of devoted users in Asia. LUNASOL is renowned for its multi-color eye shadow palettes in different gradations. Clear colors and succulent textures lend themselves to easy layering with nuanced effects. The soft beiges and browns to the bright roses, blues, and khakis are especially flattering to Asian eyes.

The water-rich foundations from LUNASOL are also must-haves. Their moist and refreshing sensations conjure a clear, beautiful complexion.

LUNASOL is available in:
Hong Kong, Indonasia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

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