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Career development

Guided by our corporate mission “Ahead of beauty waits a world of joy”, we aim to be a company that merits the trust of society. Human resources development helps us accomplish this. Our duty, as a company, is to provide maximum support to a workforce of people set on developing their own careers and striving to realize their skills and potential to the full. Our people, in turn, act with a sense of self-responsibility. This give and take of self-responsibility and self-realization is the basic principle of human resources development and the vigor of our company.

Today’s unforgiving market environment calls for products and services with high added value. Human resources development is all about the training and fostering of true professionals – people capable of giving customers added value no one else can. Kanebo Cosmetics keeps its corporate culture transparent. Our people can apply their personal talents and expertise as true professionals, and express their opinions feely and creatively.

Career development system

Kanebo Cosmetics operates a “self-declaration system” to promote career planning for individuals. Every year, employees looking back over their work over the last twelve months, take stock of their careers, and declare their future career plans.

This gives people an ideal opportunity to think about the paths their careers will follow. And once they express their declarations, they discuss them with senior staff in one-to-one interviews.

Kanebo Cosmetics provides employees with a comprehensive training system to back up their individual career goals.

  • Rank-specific training courses tailored to different levels in the company hierarchy, from new recruits up to management
  • Training programs to support employees when changing their career path, e.g., from beauty consultant to marketing specialist
  • “Kanebo Cosmetics Business School,” special training courses for employees who have earned excellent personnel evaluation
  • A selection of more than a hundred correspondence courses developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees.

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