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The talents we seek

The corporate culture of Kanebo Cosmetics is distinct for the strong importance it places on the value chain linking one organization to another and one person to the next. These links are strengthened by the resolute and perpetual efforts of our people to improve themselves, take on new opportunities and build their careers. Our culture is one of striving to become a presence appreciated by society.

Two strengths support our people as they continue to grow in today’s ever-more diverse and complex environment: their solid teamwork and their dedicated spirit of challenge. To nurture this growth of its people continuously, Kanebo Cosmetics is looking to recruit individuals with the attributes described below.

  1. Challenge and Change : People committed to taking on new challenges
    Continuously challenge towards self-improvement
  2. Professional Capabilities : People with high levels of expertise
    Acquiring high levels of expertise requisite for one’s professional duties and roles, adapting to changing conditions, and acting autonomously
  3. Global Perspective : People with a strong global outlook
    Seeing things globally and learning and doing with a focus on globally diverse approaches and technologies
  4. Communication and Collaboration : People who come up with outstanding results through collaboration
    Achieving outstanding results through collaboration and two-way dialogue
  5. Integrity : People with a strong sense of ethics
    Working with a strong sense of ethics under a shared system of values

Kanebo Cosmetics continues to nurture a corporate culture with an emphasis on communication between people inside and outside the company. We are determined to preserve our position as a company of high integrity that stays in close touch with its customers.

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