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Working at Kanebo Cosmetics

Each of the many people working at Kanebo Cosmetics plays a role in a long series of integrated phases, from basic research all the way through to in-store sales. The success of the process depends on expertise and creativity in specialized fields, communication across organizational boundaries, and integration through teamwork. Taken together, these elements form a wellspring of ideas and innovation for bringing beauty and satisfaction into the lives of our customers all over the world.

Directed by the Japan head office, the core management unit, every person at the company plays an individual role and works as part of a team to achieve specific goals within an organizational structure that spans the world.

Research and development

Our laboratories develop new products and conduct far-sighted, basic skin research and rigorous practical research on the safety and quality of our products. Our researchers work closely with product developers from marketing sections to form product concepts and to give actual form to new products.

Production technology

This sector is responsible for the volume production of new products developed by the R&D sector. It also comes up with mass production technologies capable of providing high-quality products, and plays a bridging role to assure stable production.
High-quality products are created under a strict production system with rigorous quality control.


The marketing sector is involved in everything from the proposal of product ideas through to user tests during the development stage, production checks, and the formulation of PR strategies. It performs a command role in every stage from the birth of a product through to the market launch. The sector also plays an important role in the background to assure the success of R&D, production, and sales activities.


This sector engages in sales activities linked to retailers such as department stores, cosmetics stores, general merchandise stores (GMS), and drugstores. Sales representatives propose sales promotions to further expand the market presence of Kanebo Cosmetics brands and guide Kanebo beauty consultants in the stores towards achieving their sales targets.

Service and in-store sales

The company’s own beauty consultants work front line in the stores, in direct contact with customers. Employed and thoroughly trained directly by Kanebo Cosmetics, these specialists play a key role in bringing customers and products together through sophisticated counseling with a warm, welcoming spirit at the counter.

Business management and administration

Business management and administration is made up of departments involved in personnel affairs, public relations, business planning, accounting, and education. The people within these departments provide important support in the background in all activities from production to sales. This sector also plays a major role in promoting global activities.

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