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Kanebo Cosmetics has been a science-based company ever since its foundation. Discoveries and innovations in fundamental research fields such as dermatology, new materials and ingredients are being applied to products with real value for customers all over the world. As products used on the skin, cosmetics require more than mere functional properties. Based on ground-breaking findings in Kansei engineering, psychology, and fragrance research, we create products with excellent sensory qualities at every level: superb textures, soothing aromas, and packaging which is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

Our products are developed in Odawara, Japan, at a state-of-the art research facility created through the consolidation of the Kanebo Cosmetics Laboratories with the beauty research unit of our mother company Kao Corp. in July 2014.

Scientific focus areas

Skin health

Skin aging and DNA

Skincare materials

Makeup materials

Skin troubles

Functional fragrances

Original domains

Product Safety

R&D reports

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