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Harnessing the power of oriental herbs

Applying Oriental medicinal herbs as cosmetic ingredients

Based on the uniquely Japanese approach of both learning from nature and using nature, Kanebo Cosmetics has long been using natural ingredients, particularly those derived from oriental plants native to Japan and China. Back in 1965, we blended the Oriental plant Swertia japonica, an effective promoter of blood circulation, into MAY YOUNG CREAM, Japan’s first full-fledged anti-aging skin care cosmetic. The enormously successful first LADY 80 BIO LIPSTICK, a lip color with advanced natural coloration and treatment effects, was made with shikonin, an ingredient present in the rare Oriental plant Lithospermi radix (shikon, or “purple root”, in Japanese). Further advances in research into oriental botanicals in recent years has led to an array of successful applications of time-honored medicinal herbs as effective cosmetic ingredients.

Kakyoku extract

This extract comes from the red kakyoku fruit (‘firethorn’), a rose plant that mainly grows in northwest China. Kakyoku has been considered beneficial to the health since ancient times. It was prized for its skin-beautifying effects by Yang Guifei, the legendary Chinese beauty and mistress of the Chinese emperor in the eighth century. Kakyoku extract moisturizes the skin and prevents skin roughness and dryness.

Kinginka complex

This is an exclusive ingredient derived from the Japanese honeysuckle. For hundreds of years, kinginka has been used in Oriental herbal remedies for its astringent and antipyretic effects. Japanese scientists discovered that Kinginka also reinforces the barrier function by boosting the tight junctions between epidermal skin cells.

Getto extract

The shell ginger plant (Alpinia Zerumbet) is native to the islands of Okinawa, where locals call it gettô (“moon peach”) to describe the way its pink-tipped buds shimmer in the moonlight like miniature peaches. The leaves are extremely rich in polyphenol (30 times more than red wine) and traditionally used to brew a healthy, soothing tea. Recently, scientists discovered that Getto leaves are also highly effective in stimulating collagen synthesis. Kanebo Cosmetics is using Getto extract in anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

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