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Kanebo Cosmetics has presented many groundbreaking findings in dermatology and other research domains through scientific conferences and publications all over the world.
Today, the research and development in these areas is continued at a state-of-the art facility which was created through the consolidation of the Kanebo Cosmetics Laboratories with the beauty research unit of our mother company Kao Corp. in July 2014.

March 18, 2013
Kanebo Cosmetics discovers novel hyaluronic acid degradation mechanism mediated by KIAA1199 gene.
A collaborative research group consisting of the Department of Pathology (Prof. Yasunori Okada) and Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (Assist. Prof. Hiroyuki Enomoto), …more
December 4, 2012
Kanebo Cosmetics reveals new findings on photo-aging induced by UVA
1. Elastin in the lower dermis deteriorates during the early stage of photo-aging.
2. New photo-aging marker “COMP” detected.

In a joint study on skin aging caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays, the Innovative Beauty Science Laboratory of Kanebo Cosmetics, in collaboration with the Departments of Dermatology, …more
April 2, 2012
Discovery of UVSSA gene, possible clue for clarification of ‘sunburn mechanism’
In a joint research with Nagasaki University, Kanebo Cosmetics scientists discovered a gene responsible for “ultraviolet sensitive syndrome”, a photosensitivity disorder resulting in strong sunburn responses. …more
June 23, 2011
High-precision imaging of damaged hair structure using differential phase scanning X-ray microscopy
Kanebo researchers confirm effect of new hair-damage repairing component “plant-derived repair lipid”. …more
July, 2011
New versatile compounding technique using biosurfactant enables continuing development of earth- and skin-friendly cosmetics
Kanebo scientists succeed in utilizing biosurfactant derived from yeast in cosmetics
December 21, 2010
New findings on Rhododenol brightening via inhibition of melanin synthesis
Kanebo scientists discover whitening effect through preferential reduction of black-brown pigment (eumelanin) …more
October 29, 2009
“Cosmetics, Beauty and Brain Science”
Joint research project between Kanebo Cosmetics and the brain scientist Ken Mogi delivers scientific proof that makeup changes brain activity and self-awareness …more

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