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Beauty treatment for people with skin disorders: Medical Soins Esthétiques

Medical aesthetics

Medical Soins Esthétiques, or medical beauty care, is a type of aesthetic treatment provided in conjunction with skin graft laser treatment and plastic rehabilitation for patients who have suffered burns and other disfiguring injuries. The treatment can be thought of as an interface between beauty care and medical treatment. Patients with handicaps related to physical appearance such as birthmarks, cleft palates, disfiguring burns or other accidents have to endure an enormous psychological and physical burden. Aeshetic treatment is an effective way to facilitate the post-operative recovery of these patients and raise the final level of healing. Our company is engaged in highly efficacious research and development based on medical clinical data on techniques to help patients regain confidence in their appearance and play active roles in society.

Beauty advice for women with visual impairments

Our company began researching skincare and makeup for women with visual impairments to enable as many people as possible to enjoy more fulfilling everyday lives. We continue to explore ways to expand the potential benefits of cosmetics with an emphasis on interpersonal communication through the medium of cosmetics.

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