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Developing products and tools based on universal design

Universal design for the TWANY ageing care line

Several customers complained that the lid was slippery and difficult to twist off the bottle. We set out to solve this problem by fusing universal design principles with the beauty of a cosmetics container. Our solution was a bottle with a sloping shoulder and a lid with an embossed plant motif to make it easy for even someone with a weak grip to open and close the lid. This container won a prize in the cosmetics packaging category at the 2012 Japan Packaging Contest.

An outer box anyone can open with ease

When customers commented that boxes were difficult to open, we set out to develop a box anyone could easily open. By fashioning a finger brim on the top lid, customers no longer had to insert their fingers and fingernails into the gap between the box and inserted flap. The new boxes can be opened with the pad of a finger or the front or back of a hand. Customers with long fingernails or weak finger control can open the boxes as easily as anyone else. (Gradually adopted for products from 2014 onward)

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