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Corporate philosophy

The Kao Way

The "Kao Way" embodies our corporate philosophy, and is the foundation of the business activities of the Kao Group. As our cornerstone, the "Kao Way" provides consistency to Group activities from the formulation of mid- to long-term business plans to each business decision that we make every day. Accordingly, it acts as a guiding principle for all of our members, bringing together the growth of our company and that of our individual members. As such, it is an essential element in making the work we do more rewarding and instilling in us a sense of purpose.

As a member of the Kao Group, Kanebo Cosmetics shares the "Kao Way" not merely as a manual or set of rules but as a foundation from which we are able to determine both the value of our work and the concerns that we face.


Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. and its affiliates are committed to strictly observing ethical principles and the letter of the law as it conducts its corporate activities with the aim of enjoying the widespread support of society as a sincere and virtuous company in all respects.We are promoting compliance to ensure that the company thorougly observes the principles of compliance and the standards for group corporate activities set forth in the “Kao Business Conduct Guidelines.”

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