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Diversity and inclusivity

Here are a few examples about our activities in Japan.
Overseas, we are promoting similar programs and activities, based on the culture, institutions and legislation in each country.

Promotion of womenʼs advancement

Kanebo Cosmetics is promoting people with appropriate abilities and aptitudes to managerial positions regardless of gender. (The proportion of women in managerial positions as of March 2015 was 16.5% (section heads or above).)
* Total numbers for Japan (full-time employees only)

We are proactively encouraging the career development for female employees through human resource development, innovative working practices, and various forms of support to enable women to work long term with a sense of fulfillment.

Childcare and nursing support system

Kanebo Cosmetics provides various supports to help employees more easily fulfill childcare and nursing care responsibilities while they work. We have partially revised our work regulations and expanded our welfare system. By providing information on this system through Intranet and in-house bulletins we ensure that all employees can receive childcare and nursing support whenever they need it.

Opinions of employees who have used this system:

“When my wife was expecting I asked my boss if I could take a leave to take care of my newborn.

To my great delight, my boss and everyone else around me extended me unswerving understanding and support.

When my baby daughter was born I took four weeks off to support my wife.

My childcare leave helped me experience both the pleasures and hardships of caring for a baby. It has been wonderful to experience the miracle of a newborn life in my very own home!

My daughter is now one year old and enrolled in a nursery.

My wife has returned to work, so both of us are back on the clock.

Iʼm working on a flex hour schedule from 7:30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., which allows me to collect our daughter from the nursery and prepare dinner for the family.

Thanks to this system, my wife can fulfill her role as a mother while carrying on at her job full-time with no sacrifice to her hard-earned career. For this we are truly grateful.”

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.,
International Business Sector,
Strategy Group, FA

Systems used:
- Childbirth leave
- Childcare leave
- Staggered work system for childcare

“Iʼve taken childcare leave three times, and each time Iʼve used childcare-related systems such as the companyʼs short-working hour system after returning to work. These supports have given me great leeway in time and freedom from stress.

Iʼve been able to combine work life and home life quite smoothly without ever having to hurry my kids. When my kids catch the flu I can take time off from work without feeling guilty about it.

Everyone I work with is supportive and understanding.

The work environment at Kanebo Cosmetics is completely responsive to the needs of women with children. The company has set up proper systems to support the nurturance of the next generation and does all that it can to make those systems easy to use.

I use many of those systems and am determined to encourage my coworkers to use them, too.

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.,
Kansai Branch, General
Affairs Department, MH

Systems used:
- Childbirth leave
- Childcare leave
- Short-working-hour system for childcare

Re-employment system

We have introduced a system that allows us to re-employ postretirement employees under certain specific conditions in order to gain from their specialized knowledge and expertise.

We are also operating a system for re-employing beauty counselors who leave work to care for their children.

Employment of the people with disabilities

We are actively employing persons with disabilities to encourage diversity in our workforce with a firm conviction that a disability is a manifestation of individuality.

We provide support in every workplace to enable employees to work together with a spirit of mutual respect and demonstrate their abilities to the utmost. Employees with physical disadvantages accounted for 2.1% of the workforce as of March 2015.

We are striving hard to create a working environment where everyone finds it easy to work and thrive with the people affirming spirit we expect to become the norm in society.

Employee health

The health of our employees is an important asset for society.

In addition to providing annual check-ups and post-examination health guidance, we are promoting physical and mental health of our employees and disease prevention in cooperation with the Kanebo Health Insurance Union.

Tackling the question of mental health

Mental health is an important issue from the dual standpoints of maintaining a dynamic organizational structure and effectively managing risk. We take steps to prevent mental health problems by conducting stress level surveys for employees, providing selfcare guidance based on the feedback gained from the surveys, and holding mental health study sessions for managers.

Rules for Work and Life Balance in Effect since 2010

Rule Year of introduction Gist
Short-hour workday schedule for childcare 2010 Employees caring for children not yet enrolled in primary school are free to select between a working day schedule of (1) six hours, (2) six and a half hours, or (3) seven hours.
Leave for child nursing 2010 Employees caring for children not yet enrolled in primary school are given 5 days of leave per year for one child or 10 days per year for two children.
Leave for nursing 2010 Employees who need to care for family members requiring nursing may take 5 days of nursing leave per year for one family member or 10 of leave per year for two or more family members.
Exemption from work outside prescribed hours 2010 Employees caring for children not yet enrolled in primary school are exempted from having to work outside prescribed hours.
Parents’ childcare leave plus 2010 If both parents have taken leave from work for childcare purposes, either may obtain additional childcare leave for any reason until the child reaches the age of 14 months.
Additional leave for employees who have taken childcare leave for up to 8 weeks after birth 2010 Additional leave can be taken for each child.
Refreshment leave 2011 An employee may take a refreshment leave and receive a travel gift coupon after every ten years of continuous service for the company.

Kanebo Cosmetics allows employees to go home on time on Wednesdays and Fridays to refresh themselves both mentally and physically, while improving work environment and work efficiency.

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