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Reducing the environmental impacts of our businesses

The biosurfactant MEL-B

The biosurfactant MEL-B is a natural ingredient that Kanebo Cosmetics began to study and use earlier than other cosmetics manufacturers. It is produced by the yeast fungus naturally present in plants such as fruit. The substance is highly biodegradable, robustly resists the effects of weather and climate, and can be manufactured with very little energy. We are now able to produce an extensive range of formulations that draw out the many benefits of this eco-friendly biosurfactant.

Today this biosurfactant it is formulated in DOLTIER TURNING POINT COOL GEL and other products.

Fermentation materials gentle on both the skin and planet

Fermentation materials are produced not through chemical synthesis but through the metabolic action of microorganisms. Nowadays they are coming into focus as sustainable materials with low impact on the environment. The fermentation materials formulated in TWANY, one of our main brands for the domestic Japanese market, reinforce the soft and gentle sensations prized by the brand’s users. A light application enriches the skin with lustrous moisture and a soothing sensation with no hints of stickiness. TWANY fermentation materials such as CM Euglena, sodium surfactin, and MEL-B are perfect ingredients for environment-friendly formulas.

Higher-efficiency use of company vehicles for sales

Our sales bases throughout Japan now operate about 1,200 vehicles. By switching to vehicles with greater fuel efficiency, reduce the number of vehicles in operation, and change over from commercial transport vehicles to ordinary cars, we have been promoting energy-efficient driving.

Eco-friendly packaging and materials

We are developing and implementing packaging and materials that reduce environmental pollution during transportation and scrapping.

Some examples

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