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Message from the Company President

Kanebo Cosmetics aims to realize sustainability with a smiling face.

We have learned from experience in our frequent encounters with customers that a quality cosmetic achieves more than beauty on the outside. A quality cosmetic improves the rewards of living, inspires hope and aspirations, and enriches a person both mentally and physically. Our goal is to help create a happy society full of smiling faces through the natural powers of cosmetics.

Aspiring to become the customerʼs most understanding partner, we aim to bring out the inner beauty and radiance of each and every customer by providing counseling services along with brands and products that respond to many different individual values.

Our expertise in beauty care and gauging the feelings and aspirations of customers will help us build ever-stronger partnerships with communities and create a society full of smiling faces inspired by beauty.

Ahead of beauty waits a world of joy.

President and Executive Director

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

夏坂 真澄

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