Excellence in Education

Kanebo’s Beauty Schools

Kanebo operates its own beauty schools in Tokyo, where we train people inside and outside the company to become professionals in a wide variety of beauty fields. Open to the public, we take pride in spreading the beauty know-how and techniques we have garnered over the last 80 years.

The Total Beauty Academy, by Kanebo

The Kanebo Total Beauty Academy is a school for professional aestheticians certified by the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists (AJESTHE). The expertise and knowledge Kanebo has built up over its long history as a pioneer of esthetic care in Japan gives the school special status. Here students become outstanding professionals in their fields—they are trained to acquire offer the utmost experience and esthetic care based on the spirit of Japanese hospitality—by realizing the full beauty potential of each customer.

The Total Beauty Academy offers a wide range of courses, from part-time beginner programs to full-time professional course loads. All programs lead to an official qualification, which prepares students for their future careers as aestheticians.

The Kanebo Makeup Institute

The practical training programs at the Kanebo Makeup institute are exceptional. Renowned for its educative sophistication, breadth, and detail, each class is overseen by four or five instructors—each a leading makeup artist at the forefront of their field. Students are encouraged to explore their inner creativity and pursue their own makeup designs.

Working together, instructors and teachers use makeup dolls and photo shoots to open up creative potential. They also consult on future professional goals and establish a strong grounding in makeup theory to chart the student’s progress in their practical studio work, as they progress towards their career goals. The Kanebo Makeup Institute offers courses for anyone, in every type of makeup field, from beginners to full-fledged makeup artists.

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