Always by Your Side

Expect more than a product when you visit a Kanebo Cosmetics counter. Kanebo Beauty counselors are trained to awaken your inner beauty through in-depth consultation and personalized advice. Our motto “Feel Your Beauty” reflects Kanebo’s dedication to inspire natural beauty and bring out your individual spirit through a unique experience tailored to your personality.

Thousands of Kanebo beauty counselors worldwide are meticulously trained in the art of facial treatment, makeup technique, skincare, and quality customer service. Our one-of-a-kind beauty counseling program has been refined for decades based on Kanebo’s art of customer care.

The outstanding technique of Kanebo-trained beauty consultants creates an unforgettable experience that soothes your senses and spirit, unlocking your hidden beauty.

The Kanebo approach to hospitality

Attentive. Responsive. Sincere. When it comes to customer service, Kanebo aims to blend a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and—above all—respect.

Every customer has a unique inner beauty. We’re here to help you realize it. Our sincere dedication to you, your individual beauty needs, and the art of cosmetics and counseling—we’re with you every step of the way. So you can truly Feel Your Beauty.

True hospitality in customer service never comes from a manual alone. It must be refined, tailored, and acclimated to individual tastes and broader trends and preferences over time. But, we believe in a few guiding principles.

Kanebo’s three elements of beauty counseling


Kanebo and our beauty counselors show gratitude to the customer through actions, clothing, and composure to create an atmosphere as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Neat, simple clothing. Natural makeup, plus a straight posture and a respectful bow are all important elements in setting the entire mood of the counseling experience. So we do it all with care and attentiveness.

We appreciate the relationship between customer and counselor. Which is why every experience is unique and singular. It changes from customer to customer, from moment to moment. Our meticulous attention to detail creates an atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Therefore, we cherish every single customer encounter as warm, welcoming, and beyond compare.


In the traditional Japanese art of the tea ceremony, every movement and every gesture is carefully choreographed to show respect towards the guest. This unparalleled economy of movement removes unnecessary gestures to create a harmonious and enriching experience.

Beauty consultants at Kanebo Cosmetics follow the same philosophy of movement, adhering to smooth, respectful gestures that soothe the mind and promote relaxation. The flow of conversation is aided by the flow of choreographed movements—without distraction—so your needs stay paramount.

All-around counseling

All-around Kanebo beauty counseling is the holistic beauty experience, for a diversity of customers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. With the help of advanced skin-measurement devices developed exclusively by Kanebo Cosmetics, our counselors carefully check individual skin types and skin conditions. Through one-on-one conversation, counselors take note of individual lifestyles and environments to offer skincare advice and hand-pick the best product for your skin. Then we follow it up with professional, easy-to-understand makeup tips and wellness advice, tailored to your one-of-a-kind mental and physical health and lifestyle.

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