At freeplus, we empower the younger generation. We believe beauty is about celebrating a journey of self-discovery—an exploration of identity and all of life’s possibilities. Young people make this journey every day, navigating social and personal trials throughout their individual evolution.

New generations are looking to the future in their skincare routines, often using anti-aging products earlier in life. But, these products are not optimized for youthful skin. When you’re young, overcare and mismatched beauty regimens may cause unwanted skin concerns.

freeplus' refined formulas contain bio-based ingredients—designed for the pure, energized skin young people naturally possess. True to our values, we enhance your beauty journey while caring for the environment and using sustainable materials in our packaging.

Choose simplicity, not excess. Free yourself from mismatched products and overcare. Discover SEIKAN Skin Care, the skin care for the ambitious minimalist. Embrace your naturally vibrant, purely energized skin with freeplus.

Be Simple. Be who you truly want to be.

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