Skin enriched with the moisture of Koishimaru Silk

SENSAI embraces the qualities of Japanese philosophy: honoring and working with nature, refinement, integrity, and graceful hospitality. All these attributes come together to express a beauty unique to Japan.
SENSAI is the result of a miraculous combination—when Koishimaru Silk, a rare breed of Japanese silk, historically produced in only the most exceptional environments, inspired the passion of researchers using state-of-the-art science and craftsmanship.
Koishimaru is a rare variety of silk that is exceptionally light and fine, exuding delicate luminosity. The practice of Koishimaru silk farming was upheld over the centuries by the Japanese empresses who cultivated this precious variety within the imperial compounds.
Inspired by the knowledge that the silk weavers’ hands were as beautiful as the silk thread itself, our researchers work to deliver a luminosity equal to that of Koishimaru Silk.
SENSAI Saho is a step-based skincare method inspired by the Saho ritual for the Japanese tea ceremony. SENSAI Saho is an interpretation of this ritual, encouraging exceptional care and consideration.
A ritual to start and end the day—a moment of serenity for you and your skin. SENSAI Saho promises an excellent experience that leads to SILK SKIN.


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