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Brand Strategy

Kanebo Cosmetics stepped into the international market with the launch of sales in Hong Kong in 1961. The company has been expanding distribution worldwide with an emphasis on Asia, Europe, and the Middle East ever since. Our products are now available in more than fifty countries and regions. Backed by the expertise and technologies we have built up in Japan, we create products suited to distinct consumer preferences and market traits in different parts of the world.
In Europe and the Middle East, we established a brand presence with SENSAI, our super-prestige brand sold through upscale perfumeries and department stores. Our core products in Asia are leading Japanese domestic brands from Kanebo Cosmetics, with adjustments to fit diverse market features, consumer needs, and distribution systems in different countries and regions. In Japan, the center for our worldwide operations, and in markets like China we are expanding our customer bases by introducing local brands for specific market segments to meet consumer needs on every level.

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