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Can I buy Kanebo Cosmetics products on-line?

Kanebo Cosmetics does not currently make its products available for sale directly on-line. In some countries and regions customers can purchase our products online from internet retailers. You can learn more by conducting an internet search or inquiring at the local office of Kanebo Cosmetics in your country or region.

I'm interested in doing business with Kanebo Cosmetics.

Kanebo Cosmetics products are sold through affiliates and distributors in countries and regions all over the world. We advise you to consult our local office in the country or region where you wish to engage in business.
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Can I ask Kanebo Cosmetics to provide me with samples and catalogs?

Thank you for your interest. Regrettably, we have no system at present to allow for the direct dispatch of samples and catalogs to overseas customers.

How can I find information about Kanebo Cosmetics financial figures.

Kanebo Cosmetics joined the Kao group in 2006. Since joining Kao we have not independently disclosed information in connection with investor relations. Please visit the Kao Corporation website to learn more: www.kao.com/jp/en/corp_ir/investors.html

I'm interested in working for Kanebo Cosmetics.

Please get in touch with the overseas subsidiary closest to where you wish to work.
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In which countries and regions can I purchase Kanebo Cosmetics products?

Kanebo Cosmetics products are available for purchase in more than fifty countries and regions worldwide. The brands marketed vary from place to place. Please visit the web pages for the Kanebo Cosmetics Brands.

What brands does Kanebo Cosmetics sell?

The brands we sell vary from country to country and region to region. Please visit the web pages for the Kanebo Cosmetics Brands.

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