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Personal Information Protection Policy

Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter, collectively "the Companies"), which focus on the development, manufacturing and sale of cosmetics, place the appropriate handling and safe storage of personal information of our customers as a top priority and strive to protect such personal information under the basic policy described below.

Masumi Natsusaka
President and Representative Director
Kanebo Cosmetics Inc.

Safe Management of Personal Information

The Companies designate chief administrators who are responsible for handling personal information that are provided from customers, and strive for appropriate management and storage of such personal information to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, theft, damage, loss or defacing to/of them.
Moreover, should any trouble occur, the Companies will take corrective action in a prompt, appropriate, faithful and transparent manner based on the company regulation.

Collection and Usage of Personal Information

When the Companies ask customers to provide their personal information, the Companies clearly indicate in advance the purpose for which the personal information is intended to be used and the contact information for inquiries and complaints/consultation, etc., and collect such information within the appropriate scope and in a fair manner. The Companies use the collected personal information within the scope necessary for the described or declared purposes of use. Moreover, the Companies do not intend to use such personal information for any purposes other than the stated purposes of use without the customer's consent.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Companies may use any of customer's personal information only for the stated purposes including provision of information about cosmetics, products and events, appropriate product selection and counseling, provision of information by direct-mail, phone, fax, e-mail, etc., analysis for improvement of service quality, development of new products and services, preparation of statistical and analytical data, or other purposes required for the company business.

Sharing of Personal Information

The Companies may share personal information (name, age and contact information of inquirers and consulter and content of inquiry and consultation etc.) among members of Kanebo Cosmetics Group and Kao Group (*) within the scope necessary for the purposes of use described in the preceding paragraph above.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Companies do not provide or disclose any personal information of its customers to third parties except in the following cases;

  • When the customer has given prior consent, agreement or permission, etc.
  • When complying with laws and regulations, etc.
  • When personal information is disclosed to cooperative companies, affiliated companies and outside contractors with which the Companies have concluded a nondisclosure agreement on personal information within the scope necessary to perform the purposes of use specified to customers

Disclosure, Changes, Cessation of Usage, etc., of Personal Information

If you request disclosure, changes, cessation of use, etc. of your own personal information that you have provided to the Companies, please contact the inquiries or complaints/consultations desk. The companies will respond to your request faithfully within a reasonable period of time after the Company confirms that the request is being made by the person whose information is being requested.

Protection of Accuracy of Personal Information

The Companies strive for accurate and up-to-date storage and management of the personal information of its customers to the extent necessary to perform the stated purposes of use.


The Companies conduct a periodic audit in the Companies and at outside contractors to confirm compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations, company regulations concerning the protection of personal information, and the effectiveness of appropriate protection and usage of such personal information of customers.

Compliance, Improvement and Revision

The Companies strictly observe the laws and regulations adapted with respect to personal information, other relevant norms and company regulations adopted by the Companies, etc. Moreover, the Companies review its company regulations and this protection policy on a periodic basis and strive to continuously improve such regulations and policies.

Information of Underage Customers

The Companies handle personal information of underage customers in the same manner as those of adult customers. However, if necessary, parental consent may be required for information from or about their child under the age of sixteen (16).

Established: March 23, 2005
Revised: March 1, 2009

* Kanebo Cosmetics Group and Kao Group include the following companies;

  • ・Kanebo Cosmetics Sales Inc.
  • ・e'quipe LTD.
  • ・Lissage Ltd.
  • ・Joset Ltd.
  • ・Kanebo Cosmillion Ltd.
  • ・Kanebo Logistics Co., Ltd.Inc,
  • ・Kao Corporation
  • ・Kao Customer Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • ・Nivea-Kao Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kao Business Associe Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kao Professional Services Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kao Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • ・Goldwell Japan Co., Ltd.
  • ・Molton Brown Japan Ltd.
  • ・Ehime Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.
  • ・Kao Health-insurance Society
  • ・The Pension Fund of Kao Group
  • ・The Kao Foundation For Arts And Sciences

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