Privacy Policy

Kao group companies worldwide (collectively the “Kao Group”) respect personal information (“Personal Information”) of all users of this website (“Users”), including names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, birthdates, telephone numbers and other information that can identify the Users. This Privacy Policy has been prepared in line with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and is provided for informational purposes to the User. The Kao Group will use its reasonable best efforts to meet the commitments under this Privacy Policy under the different laws and regulations in each country and to use its reasonable best efforts to protect and treat all Personal Information appropriately.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Kao Group receives from time to time Personal Information that is voluntarily submitted by Users. The Kao Group will, in principle, use such Personal Information only for the purposes disclosed to the Users at the time the Personal Information is collected. Personal Information, however, may be used for general purposes, such as product research and development and sales promotion conducted by the Kao Group.

2. Security

The Kao Group will make its reasonable best efforts to maintain the security of this website and to protect Personal Information from illegal access, leakage and other possible accidents.

3. Data Sharing and Disclosure

The Kao Group will not disclose any Personal Information to third parties without prior consent of the relevant Users. However, the Kao Group may disclose Personal Information to its contractors in order for them to perform services on the Kao Group’s behalf, such as delivering contest prizes and premiums and distributing e-mails. In addition, the Kao Group may disclose Personal Information when required by law or for other legitimate reasons.

4. Obligation to Exercise Control over Contractors

The Kao Group will be responsible for the proper treatment and protection of Personal Information by contractors mentioned in Article 3. The Kao Group will strictly prohibit the contractors from disclosing Personal Information to third parties or using Personal Information for any purposes other than those mentioned in Article 1.

5. Cease Providing Information to Users when Requested

The Kao Group may send information concerning its products or services from time to time to the User. The Kao Group will delete from its mailing list any Personal Information of the Users who give notice to the Kao Group to the effect that they do not wish to receive information and will stop sending information to any such Users.

6. Check and Correction of Personal Information

Should any User wish to check or correct Personal Information and make a request to the Kao Group to that effect, the Kao Group will make its reasonable best efforts to respond to the request as promptly as possible. If the Kao Group provides a system on this website that allows Users to freely access their Personal Information, Users may check or correct their own Personal Information through that system.

7. Amendment of Policy

The Kao Group will comply with all laws and regulations related to the treatment of Personal Information, and review and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time in accordance with such laws and regulations. The Kao Group reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

8. Responsibility of Users

If a User has a registered user ID for this website, it is the User’s responsibility to protect their own user ID and password against any misuse. The Kao Group shall be held harmless for any and all liability regarding any misuse of user IDs or passwords. The Kao Group reserves the right to suspend the user ID and password of any User who has registered false Personal Information on this website.

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