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4 simple steps to achieve the best eyebrows ever

Mar 29, 2019

Achieving the perfect eyebrow shape through trimming, shaping, and tweezing―for many women, this is one of the most challenging aspects of their everyday makeup routine. Eyebrow shaping is the unsung hero of rounding off your overall look and makeup style. And with the right steps and the ability to understand the eyebrow shape that best suits your facial proportions, you can easily enhance your look with well-balanced, beautiful eyebrows.

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Step 1: Get to know your facial proportions  

The first step to beautiful eyebrows is a look in the mirror! Take a look at the flow of your eyebrow hair. Are they thick, thin, flat, arched, or short? Do you have coarse or fine hair? See how your eyebrows change shape by changing your expression every few seconds. How is the symmetry between the left and right sides of your face? All of this is important when understanding how to tailor your eyebrow shaping routine to your face.  

Step 2: Your face, your eyebrows, your shape

Everyone’s face is different, so once you’ve taken a close look at yours, the next step is to work on shaping. Luckily, Kanebo Cosmetics has developed an original method for eyebrow shaping―it’s easy to follow and serves as a perfect guideline for anyone.  

An illustration with lines and arrows indicating positions described in points one, two, and three.

1. Eyebrow start position:
A few millimeters outward from the point just above the inner corner of the eye. If you have a narrow face with closely set eyes, start your eyebrows on the same line as the inner corners of your eyes to make the eyes appear wider apart.
2. Eyebrow arch position:
Between the outer edge of the pupil and outer corner of the eye. If your eyes are close together, move the arch of the brow a bit further outside to create an illusion of space between the eyes.

3. Eyebrow end position:
Either on the same horizontal line as the beginning of the eyebrow or slightly higher.

Step 3: Trimming

An illustration of an eye showing an example of excess hairs around the eyebrow region.

Always comb before cutting and tweezing. Straighten the flow of the hairs with your eyebrow comb. If you have soft eyebrow hairs, a simple trim will often do.
After brushing your eyebrows, cut any hairs that extend past the lower brow line. Then, cut the hairs that go beyond the upper brow line too. 
Any excess hair? Take a bath or steamy shower first and then start tweezing. Hot water will open your pores to make your hairs pluck more easily. Always pluck your eyebrows in the direction of growth. 

Don’t forget:  

Less is better. To avoid over plucking or asymmetric trimming, define the desired contours with an eyebrow pencil before trimming and tweezing. Comb the hairs first and pluck only if totally necessary. Start plucking just a few hairs first and check your progress in the mirror as you go.
Start by carefully removing hair from under the eyebrows. Be careful! Don’t remove too much hair from above the eyebrows or from the inner corners.  

Tips for Asian eyebrows:

Asian eyebrows vary greatly by thickness and shape. The best advice is to maintain a shape that naturally suits your face. Do you have coarse eyebrow hair? It’s difficult to trim coarse hair with just a comb. So, after brushing your brows, use eyebrow scissors to cut any hairs that extend beyond the brow line.  

Step 4: Should you add to the brow line or not?  

An illustration of an eye showing above it two examples of different types of eye brows.

Do you have sparse, thin, or pale eyebrows? Then you should add to the brow line to get the perfect shape.
First, brush with an eyebrow comb to straighten the flow of the hair. Then, draw a careful line with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, beginning at the center of the eyebrow. Keep a close watch on the hair flow. And make sure the line is not too thick at the contours and the inner corners of your eyebrow.
An important rule to get natural-looking eyebrows: apply lightly at the inner corner of your eyebrows, thicker at the center, and slightly less thick as you move towards the outside corner. Your eyebrow hairs might thin slightly as the years pass. A smart way to keep a youthful look is to moderately line the inner corners, keeping in mind that the eyebrows should be a few millimeters towards the center of your face from the point just above the inner corner of the eye.
For youthful eyebrows, consider the outer corner too. Lower lines at the outside corner can give a worn out, tired impression. Keep the eyebrow in the correct position to obscure any hints that the eyebrows are dropping.
Good job. Your lines are done. Now, check the overall appearance above, below, and between the eyebrows. As you blur the contours of the eyebrows as a whole, make sure the color is most defined at the eyebrow core, where your hair is thickest.
By shaping your eyebrows according to your facial proportions and hair type, the most natural, beautiful results are within reach.  

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