No More Rules.

KATE TOKYO is designed for the daring and modern city-dweller. Our makeup products and techniques stimulate experimentation through a brave transcendence of style.

Inspired by the aura of Tokyo — the global fashion and beauty capital of the world where avant-garde styles are created every day — in all its eccentricity and chic brilliance. The KATE brand captures the electricity of Tokyo with the resolute brand motto, No more rules. It’s no wonder that KATE remains Japan’s No. 1* makeup brand in sales quantity.

2014 saw KATE strengthen its presence on the global stage. Etched with the name of its birthplace Tokyo, KATE continues to launch products that energize young, fashion-forward women.

KATE products hold up a mirror to the cool and calm of a dynamic cityscape. The city lights are awesome — take a look outside.

* INTAGE SRI/Makeup market/Sales units from January 2006 to February 2020

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