Kanebo's Facial Beauty Apparatus, the first esthetic device in Japan




Japan’s first esthetic device

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In 1967, Kanebo Cosmetics explored new ideas and techniques in beauty by working with Dr. Shigekazu Yamamoto, a dermatologist who studied machine-based skincare treatments in France. Our work together led to the introduction and domestic production of European esthetic beauty treatments in Japan.

Back then, Japan imported all esthetic devices from France and Germany—until Kanebo Beauty Research Laboratory developed Japan’s first esthetic devices in 1968. These devices used low-frequency electric currents to cleanse, activate, and soothe the skin surface.

From this point, until the late 1980s, Kanebo developed a range of specialized devices for Kanebo retailers, Kanebo beauty counselors, beauty salons, as well as self-care devices for consumers to promote esthetic treatments that made skincare easier.

During the pioneering days of esthetic treatments in Japan, renowned beautician Miyoka Shibayama, Dr. Yamamoto, and the Kanebo Beauty Research Laboratory’s Director, Atsushi Yoshida, all joined forces to establish the Japan Beauty Therapists Association in 1972, which later became the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists. This association was the first organization of professional estheticians in Japan, which improved the quality and status of esthetic treatments.

Our history of research and innovation in the field of esthetic treatments nurtured our passion for developing professional estheticians with a hospitality mindset. While Kanebo no longer sells the Facial Beauty Apparatus, a dedication to pioneering ideas and techniques still drives our approach today at the Kanebo Beauty Academy.

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