Supporting women and the birth of purpose-driven branding


Regional finalists at the Lady 80 National Final (Lady 80 News, 1979)   Campaign poster featuring Lady 80 finalist and model, Chiaki Matsubara (1980)

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In 1979, Kanebo defined the 1980’s as the “Era of Shining Women” and launched a new brand called Lady 80, paired with a range of cultural programs supporting women in society and the arts. Driven by our passion to help women thrive, this campaign represented one of the earlier examples of purpose-driven branding.


Lady 80 Skincare Series (1980 Spring Campaign Proposal, 1979)


Lady 80 Makeup Series(Lady 80 Promotion Proposal, 1980)

For one of the cultural initiatives, we recruited a group of women—the Ladies 80—who joined charity programs sponsored by UNICEF as part of its International Year of the Child campaign. We published the following message:
“The 1970s has been a decade of intense aspirational change, kicking off with the women’s liberation movement. With modern values in flux, women began to question the old ways and assert new forms of equality and respect. They came up with a variety of answers and, in the 1980s, they will continue to face challenges and come up
with the right solutions to enable true empowerment. To welcome the arrival of this new era, Kanebo is recruiting Ladies 80 to participate in charity programs sponsored by UNICEF. A Lady 80 exhibits true originality as a woman living in the 80s — someone who is aware of different cultures and social issues and challenges current thinking.”
Among 25,704 applicants, 66 were chosen to take part in events hosted by the local branch of UNICEF Japan. At the same time, they were featured as Kanebo’s spring 1980 campaign models and leveraged the opportunity to develop
their potential or convert it into a successful career.


Advertisement for the Yomiuri Human Documentary Female Writers’ Award, published in The Yomiuri Shimbun on February 26, 1979


Children’s Ward by Haru Egawa, the first winning story of the Yomiuri Human Documentary Female Writers’ Award


All 20 winning stories of the Yomiuri Human Documentary Female Writers’ Award


Coinciding with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s visit to Japan, Kanebo published this advertisement in a national newspaper to encourage women to explore life beyond traditional roles and achieve social success (Evening edition of The Asahi Shimbun, June 27, 1979)
Secondary use of the copyrighted advertisement approved by the British Embassy Tokyo, The Asahi Shimbun (Approval No. 19-3215) and Sima Creative House
All rights reserved.

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